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Kumaran Special School

Working since 2002 to aid special needs children

The Kumaran School staff has been extremely dedicated to integrate special children into society. We have worked to develop specific currciulums in order to make sure all of our children are given oppurtunities that cater to their individual needs. Run by Mrs. Senthamizhselvi with a partnership with Rajammal Trust, we continue to strive to maintain proper education for special needs children.

Starting in 2002, we had 5 children. We have now grown to teach and educate over 65 boys and girls.

Our Mission: To reduce the difficulties of special needs children. To create integration and capacity building programs through integrated primary health and special education services. To focus on special needs children and adolescents who are mentally vulnerable and belong to socio-economically weaker sections of the community. To have these children culminate into normal social and personal livelihood.

Our Vision: To make sure special needs children have equal chances of getting into social opportunities and the inclusion of special needs children into the normal community and society.
Ms. Senthamizhselvi
Founder of Kumaran Special School
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Goal 1

Early Intervention
To provide early intervention services to children with mental retardation in the age group birth to 6 years

Goal 2

Assist the Family
To assist the child's family, parents and siblings, in the understanding, caring and management of their child with disability

Goal 3

Developmental Areas
To maximize the developmental areas of the child: cognition, communication, motor, socialization and self help as much as they are applicable to age-appropriate developmental tasks

Goal 4

Member of the Community
To prepare the child to function as fully as possible as an accepted member of the community

Goal 5

Reach their Potential
To assist the child in developing their self-confidence and reach their full potential