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    Ensure education for Special Needs Children in Chennai by making a donation
  • Ensure Education for Special Needs Children
    In Chennai

    Help us in our efforts by making a donation
What we do

We are a school, charity &
an Organization dedicated to helping Special Needs Children!

Serving Chennai to achieve equality and integration for special needs children.

Empowering Special Needs Children

We strive to create and provide a learning atmosphere for special needs children, developing their skills based on their individual needs.

Training and Jobs

We hope that all of our students work in sustainable jobs that provide income for themselves and their family. In order to accomplish this, we give them the necessary skills needed to apply for a job, such as performing basic tasks and improving their language.


Even a small donation goes a long way. Support our cause through a donation. All proceeds go to funding resources, teaching, and facilities for our children.

Working Since 2002 to Improve Lives for Special Needs Children

Established in 2002, we have strived to improve the lives of special needs children in Chennai. Creating a local school for special needs children, we believe that special needs children do not recieve the attention they deserve and are trying to spread awareness for their cause.
Senthamil Selvi
Principal of Kumaran Special School
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